About our company


30The company Fille 2000, is founded in year 2000., and for today is the largest top-quality charcoal producer in the Baltics. The company operates in the export field for over 15 years, and over the years the quality of our products have been appreciated by the most elite restaurants in France both in Monaco. Fille 2000 offers its clients a diverse range of packaging solutions and is able to adapt to any customer's needs and requirements as well as our company provides temporary storage of the customer's product bought up to 6 months with free insurance.

Why choose cooperation with our company?

  • Our company's products have German micro-analytical laboratory test results.
  • Our company's products have Latvian Institute of Wood Chemistry Analysis test results.
  • Our production have high and constant quality due to data monitoring and automated production equipment.
  • Opportunity to purchase charcoal in any quantities you need.
  • Short order acceptance and execution time.